OMRI Certified, PATENTED US 9,409,829 B2
  • 275 Gallon Natural Nitro, New IBC Mini Bulk Tank, US Patent 9,409,829 B2

    $27,500.00 $10,000.00

    These are brewed to order. They will cover 275 acres.  They are a concentrate for large organic growers.  The application rate is 1 gallon of concentrate per acre. The dilution rate is 50:1, or 50 gallons of water diluted with 1 gallon of Natural Nitro concentrate.   We recommend this dilution of 50:1 or 51 gallons of diluted Natural Nitro concentrate be knifed into 1 acre of soil at a depth of 4".  You can knife it in prior to seeding or most efficiently during seeding. Please see the photos of Ryan Farms equipment used for applying Natural Nitro at time of seeding. Please see 2nd photo of knifing only after germination.  This gives the soil an extra Nitrogen kick. These 275 Gallon Mini Bulks are delivered FOB, Either by us or a cartage carrier. Freight cost will be determined at time of purchase and delivery location. All orders have a minimum delivery charge of $1000.    THERE IS A 2 WEEK LEAD TIME ON ALL MINI BULKS, MADE TO ORDER.