OMRI Certified, PATENTED US 9,409,829 B2
  • 2 (two) 750ml Natural Nitro Organic Plant Food, US Patent 9,409,829 B2

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    For potting or existing potted plants. Add ½ ounce per gallon size pot, 1 & ½ teaspoons per ½ gallon size pot, ¾ of a teaspoon per quart size pot or smaller and immediately pour a minimum of 8 ounces of water into the pot to saturate soil and allow inoculant to disperse throughout the soil. Repeat monthly.

    For gardening. Plant seeds, (peas, beans, cucumbers, pumpkins, carrots etc…) in freshly rototilled soil. Mix 1 ounce of Natural Nitro with a 1/2 gallon of water and apply to each square foot of earth or to 3 ft. of length on an average 4” wide row. Completely saturate the application site with additional water if needed. Natural Nitro must be watered in to penetrate surface of soil. After planting make sure watering occurs on a regular basis to maintain consistent uniform moisture throughout planting area. If seedlings are planted, example, 4” to 8” tall tomatoes, mix 1ounce of Natural Nitro per gallon of water and pour around plants. This mixed gallon should adequately cover 6 to 8 plants that are an average of 4” to 8” tall. Natural Nitro will not burn plants if applied over foliage at this diluted rate, however we recommend watering plants after inoculating to disperse bacteria properly and remove it from the foliage to get it into the soil where it’s beneficial to the plant. Repeat monthly.

    • For hydroponics, add 1% of Natural Nitro per tank volume. Example, a 10 gallon system is equal to 1280 ounces. 1% of 1280 ounces is 12.8 ounces. For a 10 gallon system, 12.8 ounces of Natural Nitro should be added to this system. This may be repeated every month for optimum benefit. Clean pump filters weekly for a buildup of Bacterial slime may impede pump flow on both drip heads and circulation pump.

    • 2 Bottles of Natural Nitro should cover 50 sq. ft. of garden area or 150' of 4" wide rows of garden area or 40 gallons of hydroponic volume.

    Natural Nitro is pungent:  This bacteria produces a gas of methanethiol (a stinky non-flammable gas) and D-limonene (a natural insecticide) that produce a strong odor when in concentrated form in its bottle.  Do not let this natural pungent odor detour from your organic plants health for the odor dissipates as soon as it is absorbed in its media !