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Mr Tafel      6-10-2017
We met at the Sherman Home and Garden Show and I purchased your product I couldn't be more pleased tomato plants are going crazy they have already topped the highest ring on tomato cages and we have already been enjoying tomatoes as you can see in second picture how large they are getting! That was with one treatment! We just recently put on a second for plants that were new!

        Oct 13 2016

I would like to give a huge thumbs up to Mark!  He steered me to Natural Nitro liquid fertilizer. I've gardened 30+ years. Used a lot of different fertilizers but never have I seen as definite an increase in yield as I did with this product!  I planted two rows of Blue Lake green beans. One I fertilized. The other I didn't. I saw a 32.5% increase in my yield. I measured by the pound over a 6 week harvest cycle. The plants were still putting on blooms but I had all the beans I will need for two years so shared the rest with neighbors. You could literally look at the plants and see the extra beans!  He has made a believer out of me. If you want to get more veggies for your effort...give it a try!  You will not be disappointed!!!

Green Bean Lover Debbie Mason 
Wentworth Missouri

Sept 26 2016
I wanted to thank you for bringing Natural Nitro to my garden! The only problem I had was that I only inoculated half of my plants.

The plants I gave a healthy dose of Natural Nitro flourished and produced amazing tomatoes, peppers and of course my favorite herb - basil!

Nearly all the tomatoes were close to or more than a pound each and the flavor was out of this world! I harvested nearly 40 pounds off that one plant - SO MANY that homemade tomato sauce was the result.

The plant which didn't get a miracle drink is wilted, underpopulated and most of the tomatoes are still somewhat green.

The same goes with the pepper and basil plant.

In fact, the fertilized basil plant grew to nearly 4 feet tall! I had to cut it back and make pesto. Of course it grew back quickly and with such bright green leaves that I will be making more soon. It's counterpart is yellow, wilted and the basil is weak.

As you explained the smell of Natural Nitro was a bit over bearing but then so was my harvest!!  Next year the entire garden will be inoculated with Natural Nitro without hesitation!

Thanks again and good luck in your endeavor - you certainly have a lifelong customer in me.

Tracey Isler
Elkhorn, Wisconsin 

August 26 2016
Mark, just wanted to thank you for a great product. Found Natural Nitro back in early spring at our local hardware store in Leonard, the clerk said they were getting some good feedback from it and it was made locally. I’ll always try to support local Texas products and bought a bottle. The plants I planned on using this on were in large pots, tomatoes, peppers, herbs and some flowers and I knew I would need a good fertilizer for them since they were potted. Followed directions, and yes, it has a strong odor, and within days my plants were transformed. I actually missed one tomato plant and didn’t notice until the others had surpassed it in size and color. I’m on my 3rd bottle and tell everyone I can of Natural Nitro. Be sure to follow directions and keep your soil damp, it is a living organism. I also get a laugh when they smell it.
Thanks Mark!
Brian Allen Andersen, Esq.    Cabela’s Retail Systems Trainer, Allen TX

August 6 2016 
Hi Mark, I have been trying to locate how to get my review in. I started later in our growing season than I should  have using the Natural Nitro. Sort of glad I did. We were hit by a large hail storm that just about took out all of my watermelon plants.  I decided it was worth a shot to try. Boy I had two mounds that were pretty much gone and   now within 6 weeks the watermelon vines have taken over my garden. Yield of fruit would be great if this would prevent the rabbits eating them. Very Impressed. Looking forward to next Spring to start at the beginning of my growing season to see what happens.                                                   Lorraine McFarland, Golthwaite TX

July 31 2016
Hi Mark
When I used Natural Nitro, I put one cup into a 2 gallon container of water.  This was the easiest way for me, and watered around tomato plants and 2 new flowering quince plants.  As you warned, the smell was horrendous!  However, it sure seemed to work,  Plants seemed to grow faster and bigger.  I think next year I will try to work it into the soil before planting.  But for this, I think it worked very well.
Thanks.  I am ready to open the second one tomorrow.
Mimi Greer, Davenport, IA

July 17 2016
Hey there Mark.
I could never thank you enough for all that you have done for our library. Your generosity and infectious enthusiasm can only be matched by my love for your product. Natural Nitro has not ceased to amaze me and any library patron that has been lucky enough to get their sample. Just from my "experimenting" with Natural Nitro, puny plants fill out and sprout up, healthy plants produce fair-worthy fruits, and stubborn compost piles start breaking down with less than a cup-worth of the product. I recommend Natural Nitro to everyone that has a passion for organic gardening because there are very few products out there that every aspect down to the packaging is backed up by such responsible morals. I commend you for your dedication and hard work and thank you for sharing the resulting amazing product with the rest of us.
Melanie Ullrich
Educational Garden Coordinator
Johnsburg Public Library
Johnsburg, Il

By Elizabeth on July 15, 2016
Verified Purchase from Amazon.  ( 5 out of 5 Stars )
I am a finicky organic gardener and know the cost associated with being that way. I was a little reluctant to spend $35 for a natural product but decided to go for it. What a surprise, my vegetable and herb gardens started flourishing after 1 week of application. It even works on my house plants. Please note that I did double the recommended dose to 1 ounce for faster results.
I make my own compost but knew I was missing something in the blend. This product turned out to be the final touch even in a basic soil mixture. It works great and fast. I must caution though, the smell is potent but disappears quickly. I suggest using rubber gloves when measuring to avoid hand contact or you'll have to wash your hands with lemons. I shared my secret with some of my neighbors and they are getting some too. Unfortunately, it hasn't made it to any local stores as yet because it is a fairly new product but, I would like to save some money on the shipping costs. We are completely satisfied with this product and worth every penny. Happy planting!
Elizabeth   Green Valley, AZ

Verified Purchase
I was able to obtain a dealer sample and applied it to my bermuda lawn using a sprayer right before repetitive rainfalls. I saw tremendous growth and greener grass than in years past. I also used Natural Nitro on my fruit and decorative trees. The growth that has taken place is amazing! I've seen healthier trunks, longer growths, and greener leaves! I would recommend this product to anyone and will be buying more.
Ben Jones,  Leonard, TX

June 10, 2016
Good Morning Mark:
I would like to personally thank you for introducing me to your product Natural Nitro.  As you know, I have had the opportunity to apply it to my home garden over the course of the last two years and have experienced a significant increase in yield since using your product.   My tomatoes, zucchini, egg plant and cucumbers are more robust, greater yields,in addition to having earlier harvest times, which my wife and I tremendously enjoy.
Thank you again and we will continue using your product yearly as for gardening is a great enjoyment for the both of us, and to see the fruits of our labor is extremely gratifying.

Take care and keep up the great work.
Best Regards,
Brett Rogers
District Manager
Hicksgas Woodstock/Lake Villa, Il.

October 30, 2015
We operate a natural/organic vegetable stand grown in the rich topsoil of northern Illinois.  I bought several bottles of Natural Nitro fertilizer for my hobby gardens, growing tomatoes, green beans, peppers and corn plants this past year.  After a couple applications of Natural Nitro, the yield of my plants was astonishing.  Not only was I amazed with the overwhelming amount of vegetables the plants produced, the size of the vegetables were out of this world.  My tomato  and peppers plants were tilting the scales of one pound.  The plants weighed down by  the massive vegetables, bent the tower supports.  I cannot say enough about the amazing product, it really works!   Natural Nitro, you have a customer for life!

Paula Flota, owner
Farmers Market
Harvard, IL