OMRI Certified, PATENTED US 9,409,829 B2

From Our Beginning

We are, and have always been an earth friendly business.  Now, we have the ability to do something extraordinary for the environment. An alternative Nitrogen fixing bacteria for plants that replaces the use of fossil fuel fertilizers known as Natural Nitro!

Our humble start. 

As youths in the 70's, my sisters, brother and I worked for my fathers mail order greenhouse supply company, Barrington Industries. Both of my sisters worked in the office and my brother and I, in the picking, packing and shipping area. It only took a couple times of getting violently ill to discover that wearing gloves kept the poisons off of my hands! Even back then I knew their had to be a safer (possibly natural) practice for producing these fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. It wasn't till decades later that the discovery of Natural Nitro would be placed in my lap.

 New direction for our corporation from its manufacturing beginning: Our company,Top Gun Top Dog was incorporated in the great state of Texas in 2009.  Its first successful venture was producing the worlds first self-sufficient mobile kiosk. These completely portable business stands operated on solar and wind energy, generating 75% of its consumed power from renewable resources.  It's hundred thousand BTU burner's ran on propane, the cleanest, low-emission, fossil fuel available today.  They were crafted from aircraft aluminum and stainless steel hardware to produce a platform that would last decades into the future.  We received our US patent Sept of 2010, D623,312S for our design.  This single development has paved the way for utilizing some of our most prevalent renewable resources to supply the power demands needed in someone's daily business without the use of a petroleum consuming fossil fuel generators. 

 As time passed my nephew was working on an experiment to replace petrochemical fertilizers with an alternative natural nitrogen source. This became a perfect alignment of business to continue our drive to stay renewable, natural, and now go organic. My nephews discovery of a simple, safe, environmentally friendly bacteria that could fix nitrogen in soil or water was the key to the future of our companies success. To our delight, my nephew Taylor, was issued a U.S. Pat Pend in March of 2014 and received his full patent in August of 2016, Patent # US 9,409,829 B2.  The goal was to ween agriculture off of anhydrous ammonia and petroleum based fertilizers. Obviously this is not easy, for our bacteria can not give the instant punch of nitrogen like anhydrous ammonia or 32-0-0, however, we are more than sufficient In nitrogen fixation and don't kill off microorganisms, earthworms or salt the soil either!  In fact this bacteria is 100% organic and stays within the media that it was placed, not running off into tributaries, streams or ponds contaminating that water source. Natural Nitro consistently allows for an endless stream of atmospheric nitrogen to be absorbed by all plants. It feeds off of nearly any organic matter within the soil it encounters. This nitrogen fixation is the key to the future of sustainable plant ecology without the dangers of conventional man made nitrogen's.

 As our experiments continued, so did the demands, going from family gardening to commercial applications. In the spring of 2013, Ryan Farms in Harmon Illinois decided to apply Natural Nitro to 1000 acres of his commercial soybean crop. To our amazement they yielded an average of 72 bushels an acre compared to 55 bushels an acre on all the surrounding farms. The only thing Ryan Farms did different with their application, was knife in 1 concentrated gallon per acre of our product in addition to their normal practices. 

After 5 years of successful tests and diverse studies from hydroponics to full sections of commercial agriculture, have allowed us to finally offer this product to the public.  Whether you are the family gardener or commercial farmer and are looking to grow organically, give us a try.  You will not be disappointed. For some reason if you are, please return the unused portion in its container to us with a brief description of your problem or dislike to:   Natural Nitro   PO Box 546   Leonard, TX  75452, and we will gladly refund your purchase price (excluding shipping) promptly.  Please be advised that Natural Nitro is extremely fragrant, and not necessarily in the pleasant sense !  This is not a reasonable reason for return of product. This is a natural bacteria that has a strong odor comparable to fish emulsion, Bat Guano or Horse Manure and should not be considered pleasant.

 As we say, "Its as powerful as it is pungent". 

We currently offer Natural Nitro in a new IBC mini bulk tanks (275 gallons) for commercial organic applications.  Please contact our office for more information on commercial use.

Our product, as natural as the sun, is shipped to you in 100% recycled cardboard containers utilizing 100% recycled reinforced tape and sealed in an 80% recycled aluminum bottle that is the highest in our industry.  If we all took some of these simple practices and applied them to our daily lives, our beautiful world will be around a little longer for us to enjoy.

We at Top Gun Top Dog have produced the worlds foremost, natural nitrogen fixing bacteria.

Our motto is "Restore, Renew, Recycle, Keep it Natural".

Thanks you for visiting our site and trying our product. 

              Mark K Tafel,

 VP Operations, Top Gun Top Dog, Inc. / Natural Nitro