OMRI Certified, PATENTED US 9,409,829 B2

How We Got Started

Our inventor Taylor Strehl.

At an early age, Taylor became a boy scout and an environmentalist.  His parents (some of the most knowledgeable people I know) taught their son literally how to make "Fire from Ice".  With knowledge and passion of his environment, and being an accomplished Eagle Scout, Taylor set out on an unusual task to find an alternative nitrogen supply for plants instead of petro-chemicals.  During early high school experiments he discovered several bacteria that fit this profile that had little to no research on them.  He nailed it!  As his tests proceeded, in 2009 as a junior in high school, he entered a local County FFA science fair and won.  This procured a spot for the 2010 State FFA competition with his invention/discovery.  In the spring of 2010 Taylor won state honors.  This now advanced him to the Federal FFA competition in Indianapolis Indiana. At this event in the fall of 2010, Taylor won the most prestigious award given through the FFA program (1st place, Federal category of Environmental Science).

During the next 4 years he continued experiments in agriculture along with the lengthy process of patenting.  To our delight USPTO issued his patent pending on March 14 2014. Two and a 1/2 years later, Taylor was issued his US Patent on August 9th 2016.  US 9,409,829 B2.

This will change the world of fertilizer as we know it today. We at Top Gun Top Dog Inc. are proud to manufacture and bottle the finest plant inoculant available today anywhere in the world.


Mark K Tafel

VP Operations, Top Gun Top Dog, Inc.